Truffle Coffee

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Exclusive, original and tasty product, this is a blend of Arabica coffee and Robusta flavoured with truffles. Mixture of coffee with a rich and chocolatious flavour composed of 3 Arabica 50% and 1 Robusta 50% selected of first choice, flavoured with flakes of dried black truffle and natural aroma of truffle with natural vanilla extract Boubon. Organoleptic characteristics: An olfactory sensory analysis immediately shows a marked scent of black truffle, with sweet notes of spices and roasted coffee, with sweet hints of vanilla and hazelnut. To a taste analysis the flavour of coffee is markedly present characterizing correctly the nature of the drink, hints of truffles enrich and make the original compound outlining lines of absolute novelty in the panorama of gastronomic products Italian. Persistent and well balanced aftertaste between hints of coffee and truffles. 

Use: Excellent as a digestive in the end of the meal, ideal pairing with truffle-based menus to amaze and intrigue customers.
is a handicraft product, Italian, exclusive expiration Date: 1 year from packaging

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